Calculating salaries, keeping personal files and taking care for compliance – everything what every employer needs.

When signing a contract for accounting services, you may also authorize us to do payrolls for you. The Labour Code, social insurance and income tax regulations are pretty complex matters that require a lot of professional knowledge and experience, and errors may cause many financial and legal problems for your business. Instead, let us help you in a professional, timely manner and with all the support you need. Calculating salaries, keeping personal files, reporting to ZUS (Poland’s social insurance system), PFRON (disability and rehabilitation fund), managing ZFŚS (an internal social fund), preparing labour agreements and other employment documents and but a few examples of our activities in this field. The scope of services is limited solely by you and the specifications of your business. At your request we can also generate for you a monthly file with salary payments for all your employees so you can upload it to a bank website and pay salaries easily with just a few clicks, a great service for companies that engage a large number of employees.

Likewise, with accounting or taxes you can count on our help and support in clearing some practical and legal questions that may arise while managing a team of workers. We know managing people is one of the fundamental issues for every business because everything that happens in a company is done by people. To make your life much easier and be more successful, outsource your payrolls to the professionals and start building your winning team.