Don’t go by trial and error – use our networking to get to the required services and suppliers. We know the local suppliers, their quality and prices.

Starting business in a new location may be risky because you lack reliable, long-term relations with local partners. It takes time and money to build up your own network. Choosing a supplier just because he shows up at the top of Google or paying excessive prices for ones with a recognized brand may not seem to be the best strategy, either.

Instead, we can offer you our network to give you access to local services and suppliers in Poland, no matter whether you need legal services, IT specialists, business software or anything else, we can help you link your business to reliable partners in the local market. We can also support you in doing due diligence or comparing the prices of services offered to you.

This is how you can start building your own network while minimizing the risks of setting up a business in a new environment.