Accounting & Taxes

Balance sheets, P&Ls, VAT registries, corporate income tax – all that “accounting” consists of. With profound knowledge of the matter and professional touch.

No matter how big or complex your business in Poland should be you need professional accounting that will help you to manage and control it. If you choose us, our team of excellent and experienced accountants will work for you and your business.

Our customers are service providers, trade companies in the domestic and international markets, as well as manufacturers. We adjust the scope of our services to your requirements and expectations so you can concentrate on your core business without restraint.

We will also support you with all tax issues that you may have to deal with in order to make your business compliant with Polish tax regulations. The tax law in Poland is widely considered not to be very taxpayer friendly, mainly because of its complexity and frequent changes. We are used to it and follow developments on a continuous basis so we can assist you as efficiently as possible.

Along with everyday business issues, you may always contact us if you need an explanation of any accounting or tax issue. We speak both English and German, so all matters may be discussed directly, face-to-face or by phone or email. This will help you take account of all relevant facts and regulations so you can assess the risks and take the best decisions.

And last but not least, the security of our customers is a part of our understanding of professional accounting. That is why all our services and actions are covered with an insurance policy of up to PLN 500,000. Why is this relevant? Find out more about it here: Outsourced accountancy.